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Whether your design is ready to go, or you need to start from scratch for a new look, we can help. Our preferred paper choice for business cards is Crane Lettra 100% cotton 110 lb. cover (300 gsm, .021" thick), with a handsome texture and substantial depth that compresses beautifully for deep impression, drawing the eye and inviting touch. These cards get noticed and appreciated. Lettra is available in bright white, pearl white, and ecru. Other paper options are available for super-thick cards, smoother or rougher surface, colored paper, and more.

business cardbusiness card business card business card

Cost: The base price is as follows for business cards letterpress printed on Crane Lettra 110 lb. cover, standard card size of 2" x 3.5". Prices are based on cards composed of type and line artwork that is well-suited to letterpress; be aware that large solids may not print smoothly or may require additional press time and cost. Basic design services are included if needed; more extensive design requirements will be quoted separately.

Quantity 1-color, 1-side 2-color, 1-side 1-color, 2-sides
250 $185 $275 $260
500 $210 $320 $305
1,000 $260 $410 $395

Turnaround time is 8 to 12 business days from receipt of print-ready artwork or approved proofs. Shipping time and cost is additional, up to one week and about $10 to $15 for ground shipping depending on location, plus sales tax if delivered in California.

Other paper choices:

Many other paper choices are available, as well as other card sizes. Other papers include: Stardream metallic and opalescent papers in dozens of colors; English mouldmade 100% cotton Somerset (300 gsm, with one deckle edge if desired), Italian mouldmade Arturo (260 gsm, four tear-deckle edges, available in several pastel colors), and German mouldmade Hahnemuhle Bugra with a laid finish (130-520 gsm, available in 20 colors, including duplex options with different paper colors on each side). Contact us for more information.

Optional add-ons include rounded corners, die-cut shapes, foil-stamping, and more. Card sizes bigger or smaller than the usual 2" x 3.5" are no problem.

business card business cardbusiness card

Prices are subject to review based on artwork and the particular requirements for each card. For two-sided letterpress, please note that the side that is printed second will tend to flatten out the impression on the other side in areas where the text or image coincides. The design can be arranged so that the impression does not coincide, or the side that is most important can be printed second, or the two sides can be printed on separate sheets that are duplex-mounted after printing to avoid this issue, at additional cost.

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